About Us


Neuma Tattoo Machines was started by tattoo artist Carson Hill in the year 2000 when he invented his first pneumatic tattoo machine and began the patent process. In the early years, the company was secondary to his tattoo career, while Carson worked to grow as an artist.  Carson used only his Neuma machines for nearly his entire career as a tattoo artist.


Many Neuma tattoo machines were sold along the way, but it wasn’t until April of 2007 that Carson incorporated the company and decided to take it a step further. It was then that he enlisted the help of some amazing people who then helped him create a business for Neuma, and establish itself in the industry as a leading technological advancement in the field of tattooing. Neuma, its partner, and its affiliates have since made Neuma equipment better, at reasonable costs, in an attempt to offer the tattoo industry yet another option or two in terms of their tattooing methods and/or equipment. It is here that we stand, in the present, having brought you all of our exciting new products and websites, where we are the happiest.



It is our desire, our goal, to never reach an ultimate point, to always reach for the next improvement in our equipment, or our service to you. We, as product designers, will always strive to be the best that we can be in terms of what we bring to the table, or what we bring to the tattoo industry. We feel that this is a marvelous community and we are proud to be a part of it. We feel that there is a lot of room for improvement as individuals, as artists, or as an industry as a whole, and we are ready and willing to do everything we can to contribute to this positive period for all of us. We see the tattoo industry as one that is producing quality, visionary, and technically advanced tattoos at all times in the very near future. We would like to assist it in becoming just that.



Hello, my name is Carson Hill and this is my mission statement. I, as an artist, have an obligation to myself to make my tattoo machines the best possible option and/or solution for tattooing, and I have every intent to do so. My mission as a machine maker is linked with my mission as an artist, as a result. My mission as an artist is to always improve, to always become more experienced, more technically advanced, more creative, and more visionary. I aim to become more educated in art and in product design, and I aim to always be learning more about what I have such desire for, until I am no longer able to. My machines I make must therefore also be constantly improving, if I as an artist am to improve at such a continuous rate. My ultimate mission therefore consists of always making the best possible tattooing solutions for as long as I can, and I believe that with the right help, I can accomplish just what this industry needs, a little technology.

You can see a bit of this in our new product, the Neuma Hybrid. It is clear that we went far beyond what was expected in terms of technological development, from a machine that is already loved for what it is, almost just the way it was. This machine is way above and beyond the performance of the original, or the n2, as we call it. The amount of engineering that went into it is fascinating, to say the least. I can say with confidence that some of the world’s best engineers and designers worked on this device, and put their hearts and minds into it without any reserve. There is no doubt in my mind that they will continue to help Neuma do many more fantastic projects. And for as long as I have the ability, I will do everything I can to continue to produce all that I can for the tattoo world.



Neuma is designed to be the future of tattooing, to emulate what we feel the future holds for tattooing in any way possible. So for us to look into the future is like looking beyond the future. What we can see from here is that we will always be on the edge of the future in our products and/or services, and that the further into the future we go, the more developed and advanced you will see us become.