Our Products

Neuma was started in 2000 with the birth of its first prototype. It went through a series of other prototypes before it was finally ready to be sold to the tattooing public. All of the prototypes are and have always been referred to as the Neuma 1, or N1. Therefore, the N2 was and is still the first Neuma tattoo machine ever offered to the tattoo community. The Neuma 2 was and remains a monumental hit in the tattoo industry, including, but certainly not limited to some of the industry’s best and most well known artists. It is because of the success of the N2 that Neuma has become what it is today, and it is solely responsible for the capacity for Neuma to be able to move forward with their desire to design and create new and superior tattoo equipment. The N2 is the first available pneumatic tattoo machine in history, and is also the first and only autoclave-able tattoo machine in the world, other than its new sibling, the Neuma Hybrid. To date, many thousands of tattooists have tried and loved the results of the Neuma 2 tattoo machine, and remains a big hit with the tattoo industry.

The brand new Neuma Hybrid is the newest sensation in the Neuma world. Neuma and its associates have been very hard at work for two long years to create a new and improved pneumatic tattoo machine, and have done it! Its much more tattoo machine than the N2, and has figured out a way to solve the problems of the N2. The Hybrid is a two-year answer to seven years of questions, comments, and complaints. It has a new appearance, even more futuristic than the first one. It’s got a longer stroke and different stiffness’s (if you want it), and its getting higher rpm’s at a more consistent rate ,with more torque and the ability for an even softer hit. The linkage has optimized geometry to give cycles a controlled timing effect, keeping the needle from spending too much time in the skin. Also, to make things easier for those who don’t want a compressor or who don’t want to travel with one, the Hybrid can be made into an electric machine, so an artist can leave the compressor out of the equation. Most certainly the most impressive idea brought to manifestation by Neuma tattoo machines. The Neuma Hybrid is the most essential tool in the art of tattoo application.

Electric Module
Just a few steps behind the Hybrid, in terms of production, comes the Hybrid Electric Module for electric use of the otherwise pneumatic Neuma Hybrid, yet another addition to the tattoo equipment available today. Neuma is the very first to offer, maybe even the very first to suggest the idea of a multiple type power source for use in a single machine for tattooing. And not only is the idea sound, but the engineering behind it is absolutely phenomenal as well, making for a superior tattoo machine with the performance of an exotic car or better. The motors are Swiss made, and they are some of the worlds best electric motors. They are designed to last as long as the user under the right conditions, and they have somehow managed to keep the price at an affordable place. The new Hybrid with its electric attachment are actually cheaper than buying the old machine with a compressor. The Hybrid Electric is the perfect tattoo machine for any serious tattoo artist.