Production for NEW Orders

Currently, we are NOT taking new orders for any Neuma Tattoo Machines. We will, however, be back in production with them soon, and in the mean time, if you wish to be placed on a waiting list, we have compiled such a list for those of you who would like to order as soon as they become available.
Our purpose for temporarily halting our production is due to an extremely high demand, which led to a back order. We are in the process of reconfiguring the ways we are doing things to better suit the needs of the Neuma-using community, as well as ‘catch up’ with those back orders.
Thank you for your patience.

9 thoughts on “Production for NEW Orders

  1. i am very interested in buying a pair of your machines …what are the price and how do i purchase them …..i would also like to be place on the waiting list ……..i want the pen like machine and a red n2…..

  2. Hi can you please let me know as soon as i can order a full neuma hybrid setup thanks

  3. Hi please can you add my name to the list for when you are back in production please i want to order a full hybrid setup thanks

  4. heh there, im very interesting in purchasing a few machines, so add me to the waiting list please.
    if you could verify that you’ve recieved this post on my listed email that woukld be super

    thank you

  5. I take it neuma is no longer in productions, sad but would of been nice to get a response because it has been months since Anyone has posted on here. Gonna start using other equipment full time now. Neuma was my favorite machines to use, now I’m dissapointed..


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